July 22, 2013

Richard Velloso Expands Olga Guanabara Furniture Line and Showroom

Furniture maker Richard Velloso launched

Olga Guanabara

in 2010 with a small storefront in Brooklyn’s Dumbo. Now with a new space—16,000 square feet in Sunset Park, Brooklyn—Velloso has ample room to grow his collection of contemporary-tinged-with-industrial looking pieces.

His latest work includes the Kaos dining table featuring reclaimed wood atop a sharply angled hexagon-shaped steel. He also created his first ever chair, the “1935,” a sleek looking piece that incorporates steel, rosewood and leather. “I really wanted to try something a little unusual. I’ve always loved the mix of steel and wood in my tables,” says the designer, “but figuring out how to incorporate them in a chair was a little more complex.”

1935 Black 3 Hires

Along with a new space, Velloso is plugging away on some new designs, some for Olga Guanabara and another line for a large furniture manufacturer in the south of Brazil. “In between that and the furniture,” Velluso says, “I’m also working on designing a few restaurants and trying to pitch a proposal to design a few buildings in the old Domino Sugar factory space in Williamsburg. We’ll see what develops!”

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