September 1, 2020

Nucraft Introduces a Meeting Table Fit for Dining

Alev™ Meeting is a richly organic all wood table with a mid-century modern aesthetic. Photography courtesy of Nucraft. 

In our tech-centric world, designers often are tasked with creating spaces that evoke a sense of calm. Natural materials, simple silhouettes, and timeless aesthetics increasingly are in demand, as exemplified by the staying power of Mid Century Modern furnishings. Now one company is offering designers a refreshing update on a classic aesthetic with an innovative, yet elegant meeting table. 

Nucraft—a leading manufacturer of commercial furnishings for more than 75 years—specializes in seamlessly integrating technology into its vast range of products, as reflected by its newest addition: Alev™ Meeting, a natural wood table with Mid-Century Modern style. But Alev™ Meeting is more than an ordinary table; it’s also outfitted with power options for the ultimate in functionality in any environment. 

Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck, co-founders of Birsel + SeckPhotography courtesy of Nucraft. 

Created by award-winning design studio Birsel + SeckAlev™ Meeting includes tabletop and low-profile perimeter power options, as well as a sliding USB within the center channel of its segmented top. The chic design spotlights the sculptural hardwood legs and curved ends of the table, rather than hiding its base as often seen in utilitarian furnishings. Designers will take comfort in knowing the table is available in two different styles to accommodate various power and connectivity needs: Segmented, which features a multi-piece veneer top and open center channel, or Classic, which features a single piece top with consistent grain direction, minus a center channel.

A charging and USB port conveniently located in the center channel. Photography courtesy of Nucraft

With Alev™ Meeting, Nucraft set out to marry form and function. To achieve this, the brand tasked design duo Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck with reimagining the concept of a meeting table in a mid-century modern aesthetic using organic materials. Birsel and Seck, known for bringing empathy, simplicity, and sustainable choices to each product they create, met the challenge head on. “Bring something to the table. Have a conversation around it. Put food on it. It’s the experiences that you have around the table that inspired us,” Birsel and Seck said of their design.

  • Unlike some meeting tables where the base is hidden by chairs, the sculptural hardwood legs and curved table ends are celebrated with Alev. Photography courtesy of Nucraft. 
  • Alev™ Meeting truly sets itself apart from other conference tables in the market by integrating premium technologies into the simplest of designs. “With Alev™, tech is at your fingertips, but design is on display—unique veneer layups, a sculpted hardwood leg that curves around the table, and subtle touches further lighten the scale,” says Sheri Cuccarese, vice president of marketing, sales & product development at Nucraft. “Today Mid Century Modern design represents simplicity in an overly chaotic world.  We connect with Alev™ through its simple curvilinear shapes, its material link to nature, and expert craftsmanship.” 

  • The smooth and pristine face of the Alev table. Photography courtesy of Nucraft.
  • The table’s light and airy aesthetic, which diverges from more traditional, power-heavy conference tables, is a nod to Nucraft’s ever-expanding design vocabulary. Alev™ Meeting also boosts sustainability features including recycled content or FSC®- Certified content, and is available in a variety of environmental constructions that meet the requirements of the LEED Rating Systems. In addition, Nucraft’s manufacturing facility has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) for Chain of Custody Certification, which ensures wood products specified as FSC come from well-managed sources that meet FSC guidelines. 

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