October 12, 2017

Objects of Common Interest Explores Ancient Geometries at Matter

Objects of Common Interest will showcase new objects and furniture in “New Reflections,” an exhibit at Matter that opens October 19. Photography by Brooke Holm.

Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trampoukis, co-founders of Greek and American firm LOT Architecture, have always experimented with abstract forms and materiality. The duo has recently taken their out-of-the-box approach to a smaller scale with Objects of Common Interest, a design brand launched in 2015. New York gallery and showroom Matter will showcase the studio’s recent objects and furnishings in an exhibit called “New Reflections,” which opens October 19.

Plane Side Table in cast marble and acrylic with Relativity of Color bowl, vase, and cup in hand-blown glass and cast acrylic. Photography by Brooke Holm.

The show will feature vibrantly colored side tables, tabletop accessories, and mirrors that mimic Euclidean shapes and historic architecture. These include the Acropolis-inspired Plane Side Table, composed of vertical marble slats held together by a cast block of translucent acrylic. “With this body of work, we started exploring color and its interactive palettes between different materials such as glass, acrylic, and marble,” Petaloti and Trampoukis say. This approach is evident in Relativity of Color, a tableware collection in hand-blown glass and cast acrylic that draws inspiration from Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color, an essential text on color theory. The studio will also present Layer Mirrors, a trio of reflective surfaces balanced on a sloped marble surface.

Concrete Mirror in concrete and polished metal. Photography by Brooke Holm.

“New Reflections” is on view through December 9 at 405 Broome Street in New York.

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