July 29, 2016

Observe Surfers From WMR’s Sleek Pavilion in Chile

Stellar windsurfing conditions are the big draw at Boca de Pupuya, a beach area in Chile. With no protection from the gusts and the strong sun, however, the location is not so ideal for bystanders watching from the shore. WMR Arquitectos has come to the rescue with La Lobera Club House. Named for the local wolffish, the 50-seat restaurant multifunctions as an observation point. Since the natural surroundings provide plenty of breathtaking beauty, WMR kept the 1,800-square-foot building’s palette and furnishings very simple. Only three materials are present, in fact. One is glass, double-glazed for stability. The other two are woods, pine and eucalyptus, both locally sourced. 

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