October 1, 2012

Ones to Watch: Focus on Sound

Tacit Group

When it comes to design, the role of sound is too often misunderstood. Think of the elegant new restaurant that, even half-filled, offers an inability to hear one’s dining companions along with its cuisine; or the hotel lobby, however well-appointed, that sees fit to pump internet radio over tinny speakers, complete with advertising. One cannot choose what one is hearing, or hears too much or too little.

Thankfully, sound has emerged as a growing focus in public installations, interiors, and conceptual art – all proving that, rather than a scene-setter, sound can be a world-creator. Keep reading for a few instances that prove our case…

arup and the sound portal
Design You Can’t See: Arup’s Sound Portal


Found Sound: Exploring with Richard Chartier

Tacit Sound Performs at MCA Chicago

Tacit Sound at MCA Chicago

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