April 8, 2017

Pallas® Textiles Brings Crafted Viewpoint to Interiors

Companies want spaces that reflect their brand, and that doesn’t mean just showcasing corporate colors. While color is important, you can also leverage scale, pattern and texture to visually represent who a company is at its core. That is the crux of authenticity-centered design and Pallas Textiles‘s approach to designing and curating textiles.

Pallas fuses the art of weaving with today’s modern techniques and fibers into sophisticated, stylish and timeless upholsteries. The company is continually evolving its portfolio in terms of color, pattern and texture as shown with its recent introductions.

Pallas Textiles has noticed a shift to jewel tones and sophisticated neutrals. Jet Set from the Mid Century Mood Collection offers a “mod” color palette to give this retro graphic pattern current appeal, while Decked Out offers playful yet complex color combinations.

The Ineffable Collection explores pattern by translating artwork created by WRAPPED into textiles. Awe features fine denier yarns of varying thicknesses which create a large-scale filigree pattern. Yet, its intricate scrolling also works on a smaller scale. Perception and Phenomena take timeless geometric shapes and juxtapose them with abstract geometric elements.

Texture and dimension bring out the character of a material and compels you to reach out and touch it. The Loft Collection features Coco, which blends a variety of yarn textures to capture Chanel’s classic nubby suit fabric. And the re-imagined Frieze captures the plush dimensionality of its signature counterpart.

Pallas believes every textile should engage the senses and make a human connection. A Pallas textile feels natural, looks sophisticated and yet is designed to embrace variation. The very characteristics that can help a company’s interiors resonate with its employees and customers.

Pallas understands the important role authenticity-centered design plays in providing a holistic brand experience. Pallas Textiles… Made True.

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