November 1, 2017

Panolam Brings Big Changes for 2018

High definition renderings made with Panolam’s new visualizer tool. 

Panolam Surface Systems has been in the business for over 70 years, and is ready to make some exciting updates to its catalog. With the arrival of the Spring 2018 Pionite launch, more than one third of the offerings in both high pressure laminate (HPL) lines will be completely new. Nevamar and Pionite, the brand’s popular HPL collections, will each have seen multiple major product launches within recent years.

“We’ve put an emphasis on researching future color and design trends,” says Jay Imperatori, Panolam’s senior vice president of sales. “Additionally, what the design community has shown us is that texture in surfaces is incredibly important. People want beautiful surfaces that have a tactile dimension along with visual depth.”

Nevamar’s Modern Odyssey Collection.

Panolam’s website features two new tools designed to make finding and choosing a surface more user-friendly. The highly customizable visualizer tool will allow designers to select a surface from across Panolam’s three brands and insert it within pre-programmed rooms. The color of complementing design elements, such as walls and floors, can be changed to allow the designer to visualize the real-life conditions of a project. When a design is finished, high-definition renderings are available to download.

The Panolam family of brands provides the widest spectrum of colors and patterns.

“We try to look through the eyes of designers, thinking about how we can help them achieve great projects,” Imperatori says. “The Nevamar and Pionite brands are established favorites in the design community, but designers don’t necessarily connect them to Panolam. We believe that providing these new design tools on our website and expanding our product lines will help designers better understand the full spectrum of design resources available through the Panolam family of brands.”

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