October 8, 2015

Patcraft Exposes Carpet Backing in its Deconstructed Tiles

Deconstructed Black by Patcraft. Deconstructed Metal by Patcraft.

Innovation and sustainability are forward-thinking concepts. But for Patcraft , it’s all about looking back. Its Deconstructed carpet tiles rely on a technology that exposes the backing, making it part of the design.

The Black collection uses varied pile heights to accentuate the textural pattern: Metal boasts an amalgam of six different yarns. The Cradle to Cradle-certified tiles are made from Solution Q Extreme nylon with EcoWorx backing. The latter, a PVC-free synthetic developed by parent company Shaw Industries, breaks out on its own in EcoWorx Resilient. The planks come in varieties like Split Wood, embellished with metallic inlay, and Patinaed, which resembles weathered concrete.

EcoWorx Resilient Split Wood by Patcraft.
EcoWorx Resilient Patinaed by Patcraft.

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