May 15, 2020

Paul Masi Logs on to Instagram for Hello Cindy!

Connecting from the Hamptons, architect Paul Masi was the guest of honor on today’s episode of Hello Cindy!  hosted by Cindy Allen (@thecindygram), Editor in Chief of Interior Design. The two long-time friends capped off the work week by sharing insights into how virtual communication will shape the future of design, among other shifts, with a global Instagram Live audience. 

Masi, a partner at Hamptons-based architecture firm Bates Masi + Architects, noted that he is “happy to be out here, that’s for sure,” even though many city folk have made their Hamptons homes quarantine destinations. Masi’s biggest challenge right now is adapting to being a homeschool teacher for his three teenagers. “I’m learning,” he says, “and taking it day by day. Even working remotely, that’s been an adjustment.”

As for his design work, “every project is in a phase and some, I’ve found, are easier to go ahead with working remotely,” Masi says. The firm’s design process includes building a lot of physical models, and now not having the ability to share that component in person has presented another challenge for the team. “It’s a different world,” Masi says, adding that though he conceded to using digital models, he is making no sacrifices when it comes to quality. 

Looking towards the future, Masi thinks the recent move to virtual communication software will ultimately be a good thing—one that will hopefully simplify more complicated tasks, as Masi often does in his designs. On screen, Allen showed an image of an award-winning residential project by Masi and his team, which is inspired by its surrounding ecosystem. The architecture and design of he Kiht’han house in Long Island, New York, is harmonious with nature, inviting the landscape in. As Masi explained while talking about other projects of his, considering the natural environment—from sand dunes to water levels—is central to the designs at Bates Masi + Architects. 

While Masi may be working longer hours because “it takes more time to get the same thing done,” he remains energetic about his work. “This is what we live for, just to be productive and creative. And to stop that? Forget it!” he says. 

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