January 17, 2019

Perennials and Sutherland Expands Manufacturing Operations to India

A rug from Perennials Rugs by Lori Weitzner Collection. Photography courtesy of Perennials Rugs.

Dallas-based performance textile and furniture source Perennials and Sutherland has expanded its presence to South Asia through the launch of its Perennials India manufacturing facility. Located in Gujarat, the facility boasts nearly 45,000 square feet and will house weavers, looms, and an operations center.

The expansion to India will support the manufacturing and operations of Perennials Rugs, a division of Perennials Luxury Performance Fabrics. More than 200 local weavers use the practice of solution-dyeing acrylic fibers for each rug, the output of which is expected to increase with the opening of the new facility.

“Our new space will accommodate a total of 100-120 looms, resulting in a vertically integrated process that will increase efficiency and quality,” said Amol Biniwale, the managing director of Perennials India. “We are also proud to provide the region with over 300 jobs in production, administration, and operations.”

The facility will celebrate its grand opening on January 22 with the U.S. India Chamber of Commerce. Since its conception in 2013, Perennials Rugs has continued to grow and expand its offerings. Perennials and Sutherland is comprised of Sutherland Furniture, Perennials Luxury Performance Fabrics, and David Sutherland Showrooms. 

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