January 30, 2014

Pollack Launches Coral & Tusk Collection


injects its spring collection with

Coral & Tusk’s

signature quirky embroidery style. The collection began as a collaboration between friends, Pollack’s Rachel Doriss and Coral & Tusk’s Stephanie Housley, who met at the Rhode Island School of Design. Fifteen years later, the friends combined their strengths to produce three new textiles for Pollack. The fabrics—Circus Toile, Circus Stripe and Quill—combine the whimsy of Coral & Tusk’s imagery with the fabric expertise and sophistication of Pollack.

“With Coral and Tusk’s rise in the retail market, we thought it would be great timing to create new fabrics of continuous yardage and offer them to a new audience: Pollack’s high-end exclusive interiors market,” says Doriss. It was the perfect timing for us to finally collaborate on a professional level and bring something totally unique to the market.

Coral & Tusk fabrics will be available beginning this month in Pollack’s New York showroom as well as in fine showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.




Circus Toile


Circus Stripe

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