January 2, 2017

Q&A: Richard Millson on CinemaFrame, the Latest Home Technology Innovation

CinemaFrame is a high-performance integrated entertainment system that hides all the visual clutter often associated with home technology. The innovation, designed by Millson Custom Solutions, lets consumers enjoy movies, television, music, and gaming without unsightly wires, electronics, and other components. A slim frame of acoustically transparent Maharam fabric surrounds the wall-mounted television, ensuring a seamless, sophisticated appearance. We sat down with Richard Millson, who shared what inspired the solution. 

What inspired CinemaFrame®?

After working alongside architects, interior designers, and builders, I saw the difficulties of hiding the visual clutter of home technology systems. Our firm works mostly in luxury residential towers, where little room exists for AV equipment. I wondered if we could create a new way of storing all the gear without disrupting the space’s design intent. I started experimenting by storing equipment into small, discreet spaces, but I quickly learned it was impossible to achieve this with products already on the market—the pieces we needed were too large, heavy, or generated too much heat. We designed every element from scratch, and after 4 years of testing, we finally realized CinemaFrame®.

What will designers appreciate most about CinemaFrame®?

CinemaFrame® delivers a high-performance entertainment experience and eliminates visual clutter. All speakers, wiring, and electronics tuck neatly away inside a standard-depth wall directly behind the screen. Once installed, the only visible component is the wall-mounted screen, surrounded by a thin fabric frame. We also assembled an array of fabric textures and colors that extend beyond typical “speaker fabric.” We selected fabric that satisfies acoustical transparency requirements and provides enough options so designers can specify colors and styles that complement their space.

How did your choice of Maharam come about?

We needed fabric to accommodate the cooling and sound transmission requirements that arise when you place everything inside the wall. We started looking at firms that specialize in speaker fabrics, but quickly realized the limited selection of colors and styles on the market. The fabric would be visible, so it needed to be high-quality and available in multiple colorways. This led to the creation of a fabric collection selected from the larger Maharam catalogue.

Where can designers experience CinemaFrame®?

We partnered with top AV Integration firms in over 40 major markets across North America—many have showrooms where designers, builders, and clients can experience CinemaFrame® firsthand. We’re also embarking on a multi-city tour this fall to introduce CinemaFrame® to the market.

Learn more about CinemaFrame® and download the free AppleTV App >

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