June 26, 2017

R & Company and Amini Showcase Playful Rugs at Venice Biennale

R & Company has collaborated with Amini, an Italian carpet manufacturer, to produce unique and limited-edition rugs. Image courtesy of Amini.

When art fatigue sets in at the Biennale di Venezia, collectors may want to check out masterpieces for the floor. “Woven Forms,” installed at an 18th-century palazzo through July 31, was organized by New York gallery R & Company and carpet manufacturer Amini. The limited-edition rugs are hand-loomed in wool or silk according to designs by such contemporary luminaries as Wendell Castle, David Wiseman, and Thaddeus Wolfe. There’s also the Haas Brothers’s playful Cheetah Hayworth and Renate Müller’s rainbow-geometric Universe.

The Haas Brothers’s Cheetah Hayworth. Image courtesy of Amini.
Thaddeus Wolfe’s patterned carpets. Image courtesy of Amini.
Wendell Castle’s carpets mimic large colorful brush strokes. Image courtesy of Amini.
Renate Müller’s rainbow-geometric Universe. Image courtesy of Amini.

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