July 17, 2020

Relive Kohler’s Takeover of Interior Design and DesignTV by SANDOW

On August 17, Kohler took over DesignTV by SANDOW and the Interior Design Instagram account, featuring a 1on1 interview hosted by Editor in Chief Cindy Allen with Kohler CEO David Kohler, new product announcements, and conversations with designers.

Click here to learn more about Kohler’s featured products

Programming included:

• 1on1 with Kohler CEO David Kohler, hosted by Editor in Chief Cindy Allen

• Product Live with Shawn Booth, hosted by Helene Oberman

• Product Live with Erin Lilly, hosted by Helene Oberman

• 1on1 with Sara Duffy and Dana Morales, hosted by Cindy Allen

Editor-in-Chief Cindy Allen also hosted a special episode of Hello Cindy featuring a discussion with RAMSA partners Alex Lamis and Dan Lobitz about Kohler’s new collection with Kallista. You can watch the interview now!

You can also check out Kohler’s Product Showcase on the Interior Design website.

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