May 21, 2020

Renowned Architect Peter Marino Joins Hello Cindy!

“Icon, Hall of Famer, legend” is how Interior Design Editor in Chief Cindy Allen (@thecindygram) described her guest on today’s Hello Cindy!, the one and only Peter Marino. Principal architect at his firm, Marino joined in his signature leather uniform. These days, he is spending his free time learning Russian—adding yet another language to his arsenal.

Doing “super” among the greenery in South Hampton, Marino has both a second home and office in the area, just four blocks apart. “We Zoom every day for eight hours a day and I hate it,” Marino declared, frustrated with screen-sharing and low resolution displays. Unbeknownst to Marino, until Allen explained so, the NYCxDesign awards were filmed on Zoom, and he certainly enjoyed watching those.

A winner in the NYCxDesign Residential Fabric category, Allen showed viewers images of Marino’s “Venetian Heritage” rug, made by Rubelli. Inspired by the way water reflects light on a canal, the dynamic and wavy silk jacquard textile comes in colors reminiscent of artist Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s palette. Marino made sure his first venture in textile design honored Venice, and profits from the rug will help rebuild the city after the recent floods. The craftsmen who produced the textile are an “incredible” bunch, able to bring to life Marino’s sketch creating a finished product that looks exactly how he envisioned it. 

Allen also showed viewers a Louis Vuitton store Marino recently completed in London. Covered in art and color, the store has what Allen called “a cheerful spirit.” “Cheerful” is Marino’s new design inspiration during this pandemic. Going forward, whatever retail projects come next, expect a pastel palette and funky accessories. Having been in the industry for a number of decades now, Marino has cultivated lasting relationships with clients such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel. As Allen notes, no matter how many times Marino creates a storefront for these designers, he always elevates the space.

Though work for large retail clients currently is on hold, demand for private residences remains alive and well with most construction still in the works. Still, Marino offered words of caution as he went through the status of his studio’s current projects with Allen. “Always. Diversify. Your. Portfolio,” Marino emphasized to young designers watching. He also advised them to work in at least three different firms to get a varied education in not only style, but office management. And to recent graduates: “I’ll always pick someone who has another language on their resume.”  

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