May 2, 2018

Resources: Colombo and Serboli Architecture Infuse Historic Barcelona Apartment With Gentle Curves

Slides 1 & 2

Hay: Stools.

Teka: Kitchen Sink.

Roca: Sink Fittings.

Slide 5

Menu: Lamp.

Slide 7

Hay: Sofa.

Kettal: Club Chair, Side Tables.

Luceplan: Floor Lamp.

Slide 8

Cerámica Ribesalbes: Tiles.

GME División Baños: Bathroom Sink.

Slide 9

Metalware: Sconce.

Ikea: Table Legs, Armchairs.


Baltic Wood: Floor.

Fustheri: Custom Cabinetry.

Global Projects: Contractor. 

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