July 1, 2017

Resources: Czech Guesthouse by ORA Fuses Historic Architecture With Contemporary Touches

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Osmont: Ceiling Fixture.

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Ikea: Chairs.

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Orient Decor: Tile.

Wever & Ducré: Linear Fixtures.

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Nordlux: Sconces.

Orient Decor: Tile.

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Orient Decor: Tile.

Through Bachman Lighting: Pendant Fixture.

Kludi: Sink Fittings.

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Nordlux: Sconces.

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Osmont: Sconce.

Laufen: Sink.

Polysan: Tub.

UBC: Sink Fittings, Tub Fittings.

Keraservis Group: Tile.


Castleokna: Custom Windows.

Bernat Mounting: Window Handles.

Isan Radiátory: Radiators.

Through Premix Servis: Plaster.

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