June 1, 2014

Robert Currie: 1989 Hall of Fame Inductee

Robert Currie

Robert Currie, who more than 10 years ago established the New York-based multi-discipline design firm that bears his name, rose to public prominence in the mid-1970s as display director at Henri Bendel. Soon thereafter his design and mechandising talents garnered him such retail clients as Bergdorf Goodman, Andre Oliver, Valentino and Chanel. Along with his work in display and interior design, Currie was consulted on numerous high-profile print and television advertising campaigns, most notably for the Calvin Klein Obsession commercials, as well as work in the developing medium of video. He acted as a design consultant to the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo and was an associate of the renowned antiques dealer Didier Aaron. Currie was also the designer of the Roscoe Award-winning collection of furniture for Luten Clarey Stern.

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