November 2, 2017

Robin Reigi Uses WoodSkin Technology to Make Rigid Materials More Flexible

WoodSkin, a patented technology, makes normally rigid materials like wood, HPL, and aluminum flexible by combining them with a malleable textile. Using CNC routing, at sheets of the composite are incised with precise, tessellated patterns, creating “hinges” that allow the material to be bent and angled into almost any sculptural shape imaginable. The mountainous surfaces of Fold Panels, offered in a variety of materials—wood veneers, varnished wood, laminate, felt, aluminum— make for intriguing room dividers, surfacing, or even fine art. And the origami-like pliability of Mesh can be used to add three-dimensional interest to counters, ceilings, walls, or even storage. Both designs are available in standard sizes (including 4 by 8 feet) and custom, and in more than 100 colorways and finishes.

Fold Panels.

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