July 1, 2020

Rocky Mountain Hardware Knows the Difference is in the Details

Rocky Mountain Hardware’s bronze products both look and feel organic, warm, and smooth. Photography courtesy of RMH. 

The impact COVID-19 has had on the design industry is nothing short of cataclysmic. But known to be resilient and solutions-driven, the designers who create and craft the spaces around us are problem solving with the favorite tools from their arsenal. Given the mass work migration that brought the office into the home and redirected vacation budgets into renovation funds, one company understands the big difference that details make.

Different styles of hardware with the same finish compliment each other to create a decided overall look. Photography courtesy of RMH. 

From the rolling hills of Southern Idaho, the signature bronze stylings of Rocky Mountain Hardware are staples across refined American kitchens and bathrooms of all styles. Selecting quality hardware for these intimate, frequently used spaces is a detail that can make a serious visual impact, elevating the room in an easy and effortless way. As the pandemic has reshaped how materials are selected, Rocky Mountain Hardware’s safe and sanitary products are a great option to enhance common spaces with hand crafted details. 

The details that make the difference: Rocky Mountain Hardware ties a room together balancing colorful accessories with subtle sophistication. Photography courtesy of RMH. 

Bronze, a copper alloy, reflects a clean and dynamic light that complements rather than matches stainless steel in the kitchen. Of Rocky Mountain Hardware’s 12 finishes, the light or brushed options on either the white or silicon bronze work best to achieve a warm pewter or golden glow. Copper is an inherently antimicrobial material meaning that with regular cleaning, the surfaces of bronze products are uninhabitable for bacteria, making it safe for spaces used by many.  

Suitable for common spaces of all sizes, Rocky Mountain Hardware has antimicrobial and easily cleanable hardware in a large variety of styles and finishes. Photography courtesy of RMH. 

Consider the countless times that door and cabinet hardware is touched and used every day, and it becomes clear that the value a well-made piece of hardware brings is fully worth the investment. Matching the hardware styles on cabinets, cupboards, and closets across the office is a subtle yet important design element. With over 150 styles of pulls and knobs in a variety of sizes, Rocky Mountain Hardware allows designers to achieve a coherent aesthetic across spaces large and small without every piece having to be identical.

Warm and dark, Rocky Mountain Hardware’s dark lustre finish adds a bold touch to a neutral palette. Photography courtesy of RMH.  

Sophistication and style come naturally with Rocky Mountain Hardware’s bronze finishes as they change over time with some patinas wearing off, giving the hardware its own living warmth and personality. The dark lustre finish, for example, reveals the copper tones of the base metal after much wear. The new look that’s created is totally one-of-a-kind, organic, and adds character to the space it’s in.

With a character all their own, bronze hardware makes a great addition to vintage furniture. Photography courtesy of RMH. 

For any interior design project, from a complete gut and rebuild to simply adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls, the inclusion of bronze cabinet hardware made with artisan craftsmanship is an upgraded detail that makes a noticeable difference. Going beyond kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms, home studies, and commercial offices, Rocky Mountain Hardware offers the finishing touch that ties it all together.

Rocky Mountain Hardware has the answers for spaces needing hardware that’s anywhere on the spectrum from contemporary to worn in. Photography courtesy of RMH. 

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