September 10, 2014

Roger Thomas and OW Hospitality’s Custom Tailored Series

Hotel whiz Roger Thomas, executive vice president of Wynn Design and Development, may be the snazziest dresser on the Strip in Las Vegas. He now displays his sartorial skill in

OW Hospitality

’s Custom Tailored series, making timeless suit-and-tie motifs appropriate for everyday. As he explains, “We’ve taken classic patterns and added a contemporary brilliance by incorporating provocative elements with scale and color.”

The 18 patterns represent a closetful of combinations, from supersize herringbone and natty plaid to two-tone stripes and dimensional diamonds. There’s also a sharp chevron and a dimensional grid that forms repeating bow ties. Available in hand-tufted New Zealand wool or as a wool-nylon blend Axminster, all come in multiple colorways.

Blazer Ow Hospitality 0714

Houndstooth Pattern Ow Hospitality 0714

Blue Red Pattern Ow Hospitality 0714

Diamond Pattern Ow Hospitality 0714

Stripe Pattern Ow Hospitality 0714

Plaid Pattern Ow Hospitality 0714

Zig Zag Ow Hospitality 0714

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