November 1, 2016

Royal Watercolour Society Presents Ode to London

Located in London since its foundation in 1804, the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS) and its members have found unlimited inspiration in the landscape and life of the English capital. In RWS’s “London – A Sense of Place” exhibition, through November 5th, the group pays homage to their longstanding roots there.

Collected from 60 of the society’s elected members, the 180 works in the show present scenes of London in both abstract and realistic portrayals. The majority of works were specifically commissioned for the show. Artists employed ink, acrylic, collage, and other mediums to supplement their watercolor works. According to RWS’s president, Thomas Plunkett, the exhibition not only looks “to the past and our Society’s longstanding and unique relationship with England’s capital, but also to the future by exhibiting works that exemplify the way in which watercolor and water-based media are used by contemporary artists.”

With images of a local pub, a rainy day, a view across the Thames toward Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the selection embodies the heart of the city, giving the viewer a simple snapshot into the artists’ day-to-day lives and transporting them onto the streets and under the gray skies of London. Each work is available for purchase from the Bankside Gallery.

Coming up next for the historic society: a collection of complex but small-scale works, and a contemporary works competition, acting as a platform for both established and emerging artists in the realm of water-based media.

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