October 16, 2018

SANDOW and Questlove to Launch CREATIVE HOUSE

At this year’s Adobe MAX Creativity Conference, Questlove, a Grammy Award–winning musician and New York Times bestselling author, announced his endeavor to bring new and inspired brands and products to the market: CREATIVE HOUSE.

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Founded in partnership with Sandow Media CEO, Adam Sandow, CREATIVE HOUSE will unite a diverse mix of artists, designers, inventors, and innovators to inspire, connect, and ideate. The new venture will use a plurality of means to engage innovative solutions and gather inspiring individuals from across platforms, such as printed publications, fireside chats, conferences, and an agency for product development. Further details will be announced in January 2019.

“By uniting the power of SANDOW’s assets with Questlove’s creative mind and wide network, we are building something exceptional and meaningful,” says Sandow.

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