November 27, 2018

SANDOW Announces Acquisition and Rebranding of CCG into ThinkLab

On November 27, SANDOW, Interior Design’s parent company, announced the acquisition of Contract Consulting Group (CCG), a market research and strategy brand with a firm command of the contract interiors segment. The company will be relaunched as ThinkLab, a division of Sandow’s larger design-minded endeavors, and will focus on research.

“Our organic growth over the past seven years suggests that there is a deep need for the work we do,” said Amanda Schneider, Founder of CCG, now president of ThinkLab. “Through this new partnership, we will be able to expand our reach, and connect the worlds of industrial and interior design in even more meaningful ways.”

To accomplish this larger goal, ThinkLab will leverage Interior Design’s 85 years of design industry knowledge and strong relationships to track trends, validate new product concepts, investigate new product categories, and explore emerging markets. All of this raw data will then be translated into actionable data through newsletters, infographics, monthly webinars, white papers, CEUs, as well as customized research and consulting work with private clients. Larger events like research events, workshops, and speaking engagements are in development.

“At a time when the world is moving at a faster pace than ever before, growth-driven partners increasingly seek more knowledge and direction about evolving trends in key market segments,” said Adam Sandow. “For decades, Interior Design has been known as an innovative brand that inspires, informs, and influences the design industry. This new division will enhance and expand our ability to provide deep insights that empower manufacturers, suppliers, and design professionals to find their next growth opportunities and develop strategies for the future.”

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