June 3, 2016

Say Om to Sydney’s One Hot Yoga & Pilates by Rob Mills

Husband and wife. Architect and yogi. One Hot Yoga & Pilates. The latter was the first core body–temperature studio in the world when it opened in 2012 in Melbourne, Australia, the brainchild of Rob and Lucinda Mills. Now the couple has expanded to Sydney, with Rob Mills Architects & Interior Designers designing the 5,600 square feet of airy, restorative spaces to nod to the coastal surroundings. Reception is curated sophistication with a custom Parsons-style desk and a single streamlined pendant fixture in brass, a material that appears throughout starting with the studio’s exterior signage. Then, pale oak floor planks, curved white plaster walls, and generous windows impart a beachy, breezy vibe to the four studios.

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