July 12, 2017

Seating Roundup: pg 38-39

Cricket by Laney Builteman for David Edward.

1. Designer: Laney Builteman for David Edward.

Product: Cricket.

Standout: A lounge perfectly suited for health-care applications—it cleverly incorporates a crumb hole—boasts a solid-wood frame and luggage-stitched upholstery.

Compression by Paul Cocksedge for Moooi.

2. Designer: Paul Cocksedge for Moooi.

Product: Compression. 

Standout: Light as a feather, stiff as a board: This sofa is both, with a Bianco Carrara marble slab nestled into a generously foam-cushioned wood frame upholstered in Kvadrat new wool. 

SU by Oki Sato of Nendo for Emeco.

3. Designer: Oki Sato of Nendo for Emeco.

Product: SU.

Standout: This inspired collaboration netted five designs, including three stools with biodegradable and recyclable cork seats and legs of recycled aluminum or reclaimed barn wood.

Domino by Miles and Molly Spadone for Spadone.

4. Designer: Miles and Molly Spadone for Spadone.

Product: Domino. 

Standout: The siblings update their designer father’s playful late-1980s chair—originally conceived for F.A.O Schwartz—in maple and lacquered MDF polished to a satin-matte finish.

Mix and Match by Michael Cape for Twist Modern.

5. Designer: Michael Cape for Twist Modern.

Product: Mix and Match.

Standout: Customize to your heart’s content with this solid-ash lounge chair whose arms accommodate decorative panels offered in 35 laser-cut MDF, veneer, and acrylic options.

Tactile by Levan Lominashvili of XYZ Integrated Architecture.

6. Designer: Levan Lominashvili of XYZ Integrated Architecture.

Product: Tactile.

Standout: Created with the visually impaired in mind, the steel-frame seat’s raised plastic dots are a high-touch detail.

Metropolitan ’14 by Jeffery Bernett for StudioTK.

7. Designer: Jeffery Bernett for StudioTK.

Product: Metropolitan ’14.

Standout: Sophisticated seams and a slinky flow from arm to seat distinguish this sleek settee, with a polished cast-aluminum dual-column base. Upholster in any Luum or custom fabric.

Ollie by Jessica Banks of RockPaperRobot.

8. Designer: Jessica Banks of RockPaperRobot.

Product: Ollie.

Standout: The designer’s kinetic furniture line includes this anodized-silver chair whose teak tambour seat and aluminum base fold flat with the pull of a string.

Marshmallow by Martin Ballendat for Tonon through Sandler Seating.

9. Designer: Martin Ballendat for Tonon.

Product: Marshmallow.

Standout: The German designer’s chair recalls its namesake with a squishable seat whose shell is formed of waterproof self-skinning polyurethane foam. Through Sandler Seating.


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