July 12, 2019

Sébastien Courty’s Global Sensibility Informs His Totem Wall Hangings

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Totem by Sébastien Courty. From left: New Zealand, South Africa, Peru, Jordan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Saudi, Morocco, and Ivory Coast. Photography by Sébastien Courty.

France, Italy, Portugal… Sébastien Courty grew up between those countries. Then, after beginning his university studies in art and design at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris, he ultimately earned a degree in textile and surface design from FIT in New York. It’s this global sensibility that has informed his new Totem wall hangings. “I hope they open people to a different way of thinking,” he says referring to the collection’s 18 styles with such names as Morocco, Afghanistan, and Palestine. Each is handwoven by Courty of elements sourced from the particular nation. For example, the red-and-white China in­corporates jade beads, cal­ligraphy brushes, and fresh­water pearls. Courty can also be commissioned for any country not in the collection. 

Morocco. Photography by Sébastien Courty.
Afghanistan. Photography by Sébastien Courty.
Palestine. Photography by Sébastien Courty.
China. Photography by Sébastien Courty.
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Syria. Photography by Sébastien Courty.
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Tanzania. Photography by Sébastien Courty.

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