June 9, 2015

Shimoda Design Group and Mannington Commercial Create Traction Avenue Collection

C:fakepathMannington June9 Main Final

Sponsored by Mannington Commercial

Mannington Commercial announced that at NeoCon this year, it will launch of the Traction Avenue Collection, created in partnership with Joey Shimoda, FAIA, FIIDA, and the Shimoda Design Group.

In developing the collection, Shimoda Design Group drew inspiration from streetscapes of industry and art, grit and glory, the beauty of the Arts District on the eastern side of downtown Los Angeles, where their offices are located. Mannington’s design team, under the leadership of Design Director Roby Isaac, interpreted Shimoda’s concepts into sophisticated modern textiles that use intersections of texture and pattern play, to bring elegance and visual interest without any compromise of performance.


“We wanted to work with Joey and his team, not only because of their obvious talent but because of their ability to push us to look at space in creative new ways,” said Natalie Jones, Vice President of Business Development and Creative Product. “The end result is a collection of modern graphics that are versatile enough to be used in bold combinations or in quiet understatement, depending on what is appropriate for the project space.”


The color palette is a highly inventive system of 18 colors that enable designers, in the same space, to move seamlessly from neutral gradations to colors paired with neutrals, to full chroma saturated colors.


As 12”x48” carpet plank, Traction Avenue is especially well-suited for corporate, retail, higher education, and hospitality spaces.

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