June 3, 2014

Sneak Preview of the 2014 Venice Biennale


The year’s most prestigious architecture event is just around the corner: The Venice Biennale.

Says 2014 director Rem Koolhaas, architecture—not architects—will be the focus of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, organized by la Biennale di Venezia and running June 7 through November 23.

With “Fundamentals,” the Dutch architect plans to focus on the past, present, and future of architecture—once again at venues Giardini and Arsenale, as well as several other sites around Venice, Italy.

“Fundamentals consists of three interlocking exhibitions—”Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014,” “Elements of Architecture” and “Monditalia”—that together illuminate the past, present and future of our discipline,” says Koolhaas. “After several architecture Biennales dedicated to the celebration of the contemporary, “Fundamentals” will look at histories, attempt to reconstruct how architecture finds itself in its current situation, and speculate on its future.

Find an exclusive preview of the pavilions, installations, and imagery on view in our slideshow—from visually arresting, unrealized projects in Australia to milled Corian terrain landscapes of Canada’s Arctic towns and an exclusive look at a 108,000-square-foot sustainable facility with three biomes.

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