March 14, 2018

Sound Advice: Better To Be Heard, Than Seen

A complete home entertainment system is a feast for both the eyes and the ears. But many consumers prefer to keep their components and speakers out of view, by maintaining a more clean and streamlined aesthetic.

BDI has thoughtfully engineered some innovative solutions that will keep their electronics out of sight, provide complete sound dispersion, and are beautifully designed.

Louvered Doors

For the popular Corridor Collection and Olis, BDI designers incorporated louvered doors, which are not only eye-catching but allow for sound to be evenly distributed through closed doors. Another advantage of this design is that they allow remote-control access to a soundbar and other hidden away components.

Laser-Etched Doors

Inspired by nature, the award-winning Elements Collection features laser-etched doors that are not only beautiful but also allow for full sound and heat dispersion. To help conceal electronics, the doors feature a perforated metal backing, without sacrificing sound and style.

Perforated Steel Doors

BDI’s Octave Collection features perforated steel doors, accented by a hardwood frame, which provides a classically modern look that is visually appealing, acoustically transparent, and remote-friendly. 

Innovative Features

Beyond clear sound and hidden-away electronics, there are other features to look for when your client prefers a clean aesthetic. Designs featuring flow-through ventilation will keep expensive components cool, while adjustable shelves can accommodate various media equipment sizing. Removable back panels provide easy access to the back of electronics, while hidden wheels and levelers help you easily position and move the furniture. Built-in wire management also makes it simple to keep wires organized and out of sight.

If your customer prefers a “hidden sound” aesthetic, they should also expect their media furniture to perform at its best by providing inventive features and a stand-out design for their home entertainment space.

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