December 18, 2016

Specify Tile for Hospitality Projects Without Reservation

Question: Can floors in hotel guest rooms be simple to clean and long-lasting while also achieving a high-end aesthetic and promoting comfort? Answer: Absolutely!

The 171 guest rooms of The Archer Hotel in Austin, Texas make for an excellent case in point, thanks to the creative approach of LK Architecture’s design team. Members of the team were focused on finding materials that would hit all the right marks for design, maintenance, and the distinctive style of The Archer. Prioritizing ease of cleaning and longevity, they quickly nixed wall-to-wall carpet as an option. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) was out because it simply doesn’t offer the premium appeal befitting the Archer brand.

Ultimately, the LK Architecture team devised a clever configuration featuring Crossville’s stunning Reclamation porcelain tile collection paired with a patch of comforting carpet installed directly under guest room beds. The expanse of tile throughout the majority of the living space is very simple to keep clean and will endure wear and tear beautifully for the long term. The carpet provides the comfort guests often prefer at bedside without impeding on the ongoing maintenance of the space.

With this creative solution, guests enjoy clean, attractive floors that help to make for a true boutique hotel experience. At the same time, The Archer staff benefits from the simplicity and efficiency of tile’s upkeep and durability.

Crossville’s Reclamation collection, responsibly manufactured in the U.S. with high definition technology, is a sophisticated alternative that designers can specify without reservation for hotel projects. Get more details on this unique case study on the Crossville website by clicking here.

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