November 4, 2020

Steelcase Introduces Over 40 Innovative Office Products Designed to Navigate the Future Workplace

Steelcase products are used to create this meeting setup, from the table and chairs to the white board and shelving unit. Photography courtesy of Steelcase. 

As the A&D community plans for the return to the workplace, designers are keeping their eyes peeled for products and furnishings that allow for safe collaboration and employee autonomy within compelling spaces.  By combining the benefits of in-person communication with the spatial flexibility and comforts of home, global furniture producer Steelcase recently introduced over 40 products, ranging from standing desks to plush sectionals, designed to meet the demands of contemporary offices.

Nomadic Work Tents feature rounded screens, creating artful boundaries. Photography courtesy of Steelcase. 

Partnering with designers across a range of disciplines, each of the brand’s new products seamlessly blends form and function, enhancing the modern office with stylish solutions. For example, the Marien152 chair, designed by Arik Levy and Coalesse, combines the ergonomics of a task chair with the comfort of a living room lounger. And when it came to creating Work Tents to stave off visual distractions, renowned outdoor equipment designer Chris Pottinger collaborated with Steelcase to reimagine shelter and privacy in the workplace. 

Steelcase Flex Active Frames decorated with plants and panels discretely hide storage boxes. Photography courtesy of Steelcase.

Embracing the confluence of the physical and the digital, Steelcase now makes it possible for designers to create a conference room without four walls. Flex Active Frames can be used as a foundation for zone planning while providing storage with the option to attach white boards and decorative elements to each frame, elevating the space. Additionally, Steelcase partnered with Microsoft® to create a system of integrated wall mounts and mobile cars for the Surface Hub 85”. Though timelines for the return to the workplace remain uncertain in much of the world, the new line of products by Steelcase equips designers with the tools to outfit any space, so it’s ready when we are.

The Pod Tent was conceived to shelter workers from the distracting elements of the office while providing privacy. Photography courtesy of Steelcase.

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