March 30, 2016

Stripes, Dots, and Zigzags Emboss Nendo Founder Oki Sato’s ChocolaTextureBars

Eating should engage all the senses, Nendo founder Oki Sato believes. Which is why, when he was named designer-of-the-year at Maison & Objet in Paris, he thanked fairgoers with boxes of chocolates shaped to produce different sensory effects. He now follows up on that idea with ChocolaTextureBars, Hunter Confectionery Co. limited-editions embossed with groovy stripes, dots, zigzags, diamonds, and checker-boards, all cast from 3-D printed molds. Traditionalists can opt for bittersweet, milk, or white. For the more daring, there’s straw-berry and matcha, pretty in pink and green. 

Photography by Akihiro Yoshida.

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