April 1, 2019

Studio Caramel Concocts a Modernist Teak Bar Cart for Kann Design

Karl Chucri and Rami Boushdid share a noble mission: “To change the way people serve drinks.” To that end, the Studio Caramel partners concocted Trink, a bar cart for self-described “French fifties” furniture label Kann Design. The Beirut-based duo recasts the midcentury mainstay of living room happy hours for modern-day entertaining. Framed in black-painted steel, the modernist teak case comes equipped with multiple compartments for storing libation essentials. Outsize wheels wrapped in perforated painted aluminum reference era-appropriate vehicles. The made-to-order model measures 29 ½ inches high and 39 ½ by 21 inches wide. Cheers to that.

Trink by Studio Caramel for Kann Design. Photography courtesy of Kann Design.

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