November 3, 2015

Tandus Centiva Looks to the Future of Flooring With Innovative Materials

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Tandus Centiva ethos ® started with a simple idea: Create a soft surface floor solution from safe materials while providing a positive environmental impact without compromising quality. The answer came from an unexpected place: broken windshields.

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In 2004, we were the first to harness the PVB film in windshields and safety glass, creating a time-tested alternative to traditional carpet backing polymers. This PVB film is a responsibly sourced, post-consumer material that can be taken back through Restart ® , Tandus Centiva’s closed loop recycling program.

But our innovation doesn’t stop with the environment. Starting with installation day, ethos improves the well-being and performance of your space. With the ability to stand up to subfloor conditions of 15lbs MVER, 98% RH, and 11.0 pH, ethos is adaptable to nearly any moisture situation. With TandusTape+, installation is free-lay, long-lasting and lower emitting than traditional wet-applied adhesives.

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The ingredients in ethos have been assessed rigorously by a third-party to verify it contains no carcinogens, reproductive toxins, or antimicrobial treatments. In addition, ethos became Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver v3.0, the first of its kind in North America. That means the air in your space starts clean and stays clean.

This isn’t the norm in the flooring industry. That’s why we start trends, not follow them.
At Tandus Centiva, ethos is a natural expression of what we believe. It is a true, time-tested innovation for the future of flooring. That’s a story we’re proud of. And we’re far from finished. We are Tandus Centiva, creators and thinkers with endless innovation.

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