May 4, 2021

Tantuvi Introduces Graphic Rugs Crafted Using Traditional Techniques

“Our process helps preserve a vital tradition for future generations,” Rao shares. No.5

Three centuries ago, weavers in northern India began making flatweave rugs for nomadic communities to use as durable tent flooring on their travels. Fast forward to 2010, when Tantuvi founder Arati Rao met one such family of seventh-generation weavers and saw the potential for the same rugs to be used in the modern home. She and her partner, artist Adam Sipe, design geometric flatweave rugs in rich colorways such as Rose, Aqua, and Obsidian, in Tantuvi’s Brooklyn, New York, studio. Then, master artisans from 26 families in Rajasthan, bring the designs, which are simply named by their number, to life on panja looms using hand-spun cotton—a process that takes between two weeks and two months for a single rug. The result is an ultra-tight weave that uses 30 percent more cotton than other methods, so the rugs are durable enough to last decades. Water-absorbent and
machine-washable, the
collection is ideally suited
to the contemporary kitchen and bath.

No. 7

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