March 13, 2017

Telling Tales: Illuminated Stories by LZF Lamps

Lighting manufacturer LZF Lamps is renowned for sculptural fixtures hand-crafted from wood veneer. The Spanish brand is a story of people, wood, light, and a lasting encounter between two strangers. When Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill crossed paths in 1994, they were united by their shared passion for arts, ideas, and experimentation. One night, when playing with wood veneers, they managed to envelop light, and LZF was born.

To introduce their 2016 collection, LZF’s creative force, Marivi Calvo and agency Masquespacio collaborated with writer Grassa Toro to publish a special-edition book that highlights these defining features. Titled Telling Tales: Illuminated Stories by LZF, the volume presents a series of brief, mysterious narratives inspired by Hopper and Hitchcock’s Rear Window and illustrated with 1950’s-inspired photography by Maria Mira and Cualiti Studio. Each image offers a glimpse into the lives of characters who inhabit spaces illuminated by LZF’s fixtures, whose gentle luster becomes each illustration’s focal point.

Check out the slideshow to read the third tale, Ava & Silver (text by Grassa Toro). Learn more about Telling Tales: Illuminated Stories by LZF.

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