September 29, 2016

The Bus Gets a Business Class Upgrade by Habjan Betancourt Architecture

Overachievers rejoice. Your enabler is arriving now. Dubbed the “charter for increased productivity,” Bearing bus company disrupts the business-travel model with a fleet of sound-proofed motor coaches, each customized with amenities normally associated with offices or, with a flat rate of $7,500 a day, private jets, to whisk you out-of-town or between Manhattan appointments. Habjan Betancourt Architecture, a firm more accustomed to terra firma, mobilized the luxe with plush captain chairs in hand-stitched leather, porcelain floor tile, and stone countertops. High-pressure plastic laminate simulates lavish wood on cabinets and walls, accented by fabric-wrapped panels. Then there are the essentials: individual workstations, leather-covered sofas for confabs, smart TVs, and, need we even mention, super-speedy Wi-Fi.

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