April 22, 2016

The Future Looks Green: 7 Super Sustainable Materials

The future looks green. . .and blue and purple and orange—as demonstrated by top picks at FutureGreen, the sustainable hospitality forum featuring these cutting-edge materials from the Material ConneXion library.


1. MaterialECONYL®.

Manufacturer: Aquafil.

Composition Nylon.

StandoutChemicals harvested from recycled plastics become durable, stain-resistant yarns that are air-textured and solution-dyed in over 138 colors. (Please note that new colors are now available.)


2. MaterialEcoPanel.

Manufacturer: Slalom.


StandoutPET pellets, formed from shredded and melted bottles, are compressed into multilayered acoustical panels in solids, patterns, and faux wood grains .


3. MaterialWood-Skin.

Composition: Plywood and nylon.

Standout: A laminate sandwich of wood and fabric is CNC-routed into triangular patterns, the grooves giving the panels their ability to bend.


4. Material Decorative Coatings.

Manufacturer: Organoid Technologies.

Composition: Leaves, stems, flowers, and grass. 

Standout: Cuttings from an Austrian meadow are combined with fibers from more than 40 trees and plants, from palm to pistachio, then heated and pressed into rigid substrates.


5. Material: Ceranchia.

Manufacturer: Conservation Through Poverty Alleviation International.


Standout: Produced with the help of silkworms in the rain forests of Madagascar, these weblike textiles are naturally lightweight and flame-resistant.


6. MaterialBiocomposite.

Manufacturer: Organoid Technologies.

Composition:Natural fibers.

Standout: To create structural or decorative components, wood chips, straw, and other organic materials are ground up, then sprayed on a form that’s removed before sealing.


7. Material: Ligneah.

Manufacturer: Mymantra.

Composition: Wood and cotton.

Standout: Forest Stewardship Council–certified wood veneer is laser-cut and fabric-backed for a result soft and flexible enough to be cut and sewed like a textile.


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