July 15, 2017

The Most Eye-Catching Bath Trend of 2017

At KBIS 2017, designers, editors, and industry professionals were on the hunt for the trends that would dominate the next wave of kitchen and bathroom design. They discovered that textured finishes have given way to smoother surfaces and materials. Sophisticated black finishes, in particular, are having a moment: sleek dark shades are a top choice that designers use to surface everything from appliances and sink fittings to cabinet hardware.

Gaviota in Matte Black by California Faucets.

California Faucets, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art kitchen and bath fittings, has revealed a new selection of products that embrace black finishes. “Just as a black dress anchors a sociable and chic woman’s wardrobe, a black faucet gives designers a versatile starting point around which to design today’s stylish bathrooms,” says Noah Taft, senior vice president of marketing and sales at California Faucets. Gaviota, a fixture built in the brand’s signature solid brass and coated with a silky black finish, embodies this trend. “Gaviota’s sculptural simplicity and tubular forms are ideal for the color’s depth and distinctive impact,” Taft says.

Smooth but not slippery to the touch, the brand’s Black, Matte Black, Carbon, and a selection of other finishes in darker tones conceal fingerprints and water spots. They’re a few of over 30 hand-applied finishes California Faucets offers from a full line of solid brass kitchen and bath fittings.

Miramar in Carbon.
Avalon in Matte Black/Polished Chrome.
Tiburon in Matte Black.
Corsano Culinary in Black with Stainless Steel Spring.
Corsano Culinary in Black Nickel with matching Black Nickel Spring.

Corsano Culinary in Carbon with matching Carbon Spring.

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