October 1, 2019

“The Stone Show” at Brooklyn Gallery is Rock Solid

Three artists, one theme. That’s the premise of “The Stone Show,” at Gallery Twenty Twenty Two in Brooklyn, New York, October 31 to November 30. Avery A Gregory, a self-described “rockhound,” collects stones from all over, like this shale from the California, Washington, and Oregon coasts, and places them in artful arrange­ments on canvas or clay tablets. South African painter Richard Hart’s mixed mediums explore temporality through interactions between rock and water. Yolande Milan Batteau, known to many as the founder of wall-covering and surfacing atelier Callidus Guild, its studio adjoining the gallery, presents works of painted and sculpted stone, adorned with nacre, shells, and precious metal leaf. 

Photography courtesy of Avery A Gregory.

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