April 25, 2019

The Wing Brings Custom-Designed Mother’s Rooms to Brooklyn Office Buildings

Mother’s room designed by The Wing for DUMBO office buildings. Photography by Shelly Kroeger/ courtesy of The Wing.

When thinking of comfortable and relaxing spaces for a mother to pump or otherwise care for an infant, the office is likely ranked dead last. Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan, cofounders of the women’s co-working space, The Wing, want to change that. Gelman and Kassan have mobilized The Wing’s internal design team to bring secure, private spaces for working moms into the close-knit community of offices in DUMBO, starting with office buildings under Two Trees Management.

The office buildings20 Jay, 55 Washington, and 45 Main streetsneighbor The Wing’s 9,000 square-foot co-working space at 1 Main street, which is also a Two Trees property. Laetitia Gorra, head interior designer of The Wing’s internal design team, led the design process for the mother’s rooms.

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“The Wing’s Dumbo location at 1 Main has been a valued addition to the neighborhood and we are proud to build on our partnership with Audrey and Lauren to deliver Wing-approved mother’s rooms to our own building tenants,” said Jed Walentas, principal of Two Trees Management, in a statement.

Mother’s room designed by The Wing for DUMBO office buildings. Photography by Shelly Kroeger/ courtesy of The Wing.

Most of the finishes were custom; the existent flooring is complemented by a custom jute rug, adding a natural warmth to the space. The scalloped wallpaper used throughout is custom designed and branded by The Wing but printed by Flat Vernacular. Fringe detail on the custom-designed lighting fixtures creates warm-toned, softly diffused light. Next to the changing table, a custom Carrara marble sink is fitted with matte black Moen fixtures and sits atop a cabinet in one of The Wing’s signature tints of mint green. Plants from Sachi Rose floral design add a secondary touch of nature to the space and complement the other tones of green used throughout. 

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The design objective for the series of mother’s rooms was to bring the same sense of security and comfort a woman would feel attending to her child at home to the workplace, according to Gorra. Over 500 companies occupy the three Two Trees buildings and are now able to make use of these six nursing and care spaces.

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