February 1, 2020

Theia Creative Tiles Builds on Portugal’s Ceramic Tradition With Tâmega

Tâmega by Theia Creative Tiles.

Portugal has a long-standing tradition of ceramic production. Ana Ladeiro and Claudia Melo’s handmade tile Tâmega builds on that tradition, adding to it a surface that slants gently upward before swooping down into a wavelike cove (which explains the product’s name, borrowed from a river that flows through the northern part of the country). Orientation in a single direction creates a uniform, repeating pattern; a random rotation offers a more chaotic plane. The 30 colors in matte, glossy, crackled, or luster finishes include Yellow Sun and Fire. Through Theia Creative Tiles.

Tâmega by Theia Creative Tiles.

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