December 1, 2019

These Performance Veneers Defy Signs of Wear

New Leaf Performance Veneers in Cherry Stone line the walls of this meditative hallway. Photography courtesy of Wilsonart. 

Biophilic design is here to stay, especially given mounting research that shows a direct link between increased focus, lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and nature-inspired interiors. This means designers are continuously seeking out ways to incorporate natural textures and patterns into commercial spaces. But traditional wood veneers pose a consistent design challenge—they do not age gracefully, like a rich patina leather. Instead natural wood veneers, particularly those used in high-impact areas, quickly show their wear, spotlighting inconsistencies in grain and color. 

Now designers have a highly durable alternative. New Leaf Performance Veneersa Wilsonart company that manufacturers and distributes a full line of engineered performance surfacesis disrupting the market with an entirely new category of veneered surfaces. The brand’s innovative surfaces are engineered to eliminate challenges associated with traditional veneers, such as extreme variations in color or grain, given its revolutionary topcoat. The protective coating, which is also integrated throughout the product’s layers, protects against sunlight, water, impact, and other elements, making New Leaf Performance Veneers three times more fade resistant, four times more scratch and wear resistant, eight times more dent resistant, and 14 times more impact resistant than traditional options. 

The subtle, textured grain of New Leaf Performance Veneers in Maple Stone resists fading even with direct exposure to natural light. Photography courtesy of Wilsonart. 

And when it comes to veneers, choosing a product that performs well and expertly reimagines the look of natural wood, down to minuscule details in the grain, remains a priority for designers. This is where New Leaf Performance Veneers sets itself apart on the market. To create an exact replica of natural wood grain, the brand analyzed popular tree species, colors, and cuts currently in fabrication while leveraging propriety insights into color trends. As a result, its collection of performance veneers offers an extensive array of 37 wood grains and combinations from sleek and contemporary Maples to more traditional Oaks. 

New Leaf Performance Veneers is excited to bring a whole new category of beautiful, durable veneered surfaces to the market,” says Kimberly Watson, Vice President of Material Replacement at WilsonartThese products provide specifiers with an abundance of cut and stain combinations for highperformance commercial applications.” 

This contemporary office features Birch Slate veneers on the walls and Birch Stone veneers on the cabinets forming a cohesive aesthetic. Photography courtesy of Wilsonart. 

New Leaf Performance Veneers manage to elevate the depth and dimension of natural wood grain by offering unparalleled consistency and performance. This is achieved, in part, through the company’s advanced printing technologies, which succeed in reproducing the nuances of each tree species with precision and accuracy. The result is a refreshingly predictable premium veneer for use in commercial applications including furniture, architectural doors, wall panels, and case goods. 

Ultimately, New Leaf Performance Veneers pick up where nature leaves off, capturing the beauty and essence of natural wood with consistency of color and grain. The brand’s proprietary topcoat and manufacturing processes ensure there are no imperfections or color variations in each piece, creating a seamless aesthetic in any space from offices to healthcare environments. 

New Leaf Performance Veneers in RoseWood add a sense of dimension to this healthcare facility. Photography courtesy of Wilsonart. 

“The product’s high level of consistency and ability to resist fading and color changes, even years from now, ensures that if designers request additional veneers, each piece will match an existing style,” says Watson. “With New Leaf’s manmade veneer, the performance far surpasses that of natural wood products.” 

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