March 25, 2021

ThinkLab Explains Why LEED and WELL Contributing Products are on the Rise

The demand for products that contribute to LEED and WELL is increasing in 2021. Here’s why.

A December ThinkLab survey revealed sustainability is on the rise, with nearly half of A&D respondents reporting that clients are placing more value on products contributing to LEED or WELL. While this might sound counterintuitive given the recession—after all, these products require investment—ThinkLab has discovered the trend transcends short-term financials. The slowdown has given companies the time and opportunity to reorient business goals around what really matters long-term, and more clients are listening and willing to invest. “Although we have fewer projects, we’re striving to make a bigger impact with the work we do have,” Gensler principal Jim Williamson explains. “It’s no longer just about profit, growth, and awards; it’s about impact. And that takes the whole design ecosystem collaborating together.”  

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