June 29, 2021

ThinkLab Launches Season 2 of Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast

Want to learn more about the evolution of the design industry? Last week, ThinkLab and SANDOW Design Group launched the second season of their podcast, Design Nerds Anonymous, hosted by ThinkLab founder and president Amanda Schneider. With the core mission of sparking curiosity at the intersection of business and design, Season 2 of the interiors industry podcast builds off of six months of research generated at the SANDOW Design Group Hackathon.

Each episode this season will explore a unique challenge related to business development in the new era of hybrid work while featuring thought leaders from within the design ecosystem and beyond to share their perspective, inspiration, and ideas to grow your business.

As AJ Paron, executive vice president and design futurist at SANDOW Design Group, shares in the podcast trailer, “We are in the midst of changing every single day in every single way. And we just have to be in that mindset that it’s okay to think differently.” This season of Design Nerds Anonymous will help you proactively challenge long-held industry norms that may be ready to evolve.

We are also pleased to announce our sponsors for this season: Mannington Commercial and Keilhauer. Schneider shares, “We hand-selected these two companies, because we feel they’re really leading the way in testing a lot of these ideas and bringing new ones. So, we’ll be thrilled to tell you more about that throughout season 2.”

Interior Design invites you to tune in and follow Design Nerds Anonymous wherever you get your podcasts. To listen to episode one, click here.

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