November 8, 2017

THINX Debuts the PMS Truck by Visibility

The exterior of THINX’s PMS Truck. Photography courtesy of THINX. 

New York-based industrial design firm Visibility debuts its most adventurous concept store yet: a mobile shop for period-proof undergarment company THINX. The PMS Truck will be on the road this month, making stops in Chicago, Denver, and Dallas.

“This project was interesting in that it was defined by its starting limitations,” says Visibility co-founder Sina Sohrab. “The challenge was to create a multi-use immersive space within a very limited footprint.”

The truck functions as a traveling showroom, a public event space, and a place to seek out education about menstruation, echoing THINX’s mission to bring exposure to a topic the brand believes disempowers people by going un-discussed. 

The interior featuring a collection of THINX’s products. Photography courtesy of THINX. 

The design team was inspired by Giorgio de Chirico’s La Torre Rossa, a painting that features a looming red tower flanked by oblong arches with an obfuscated structure in the foreground. 

“We started with De Chirico as our inspiration because it fit perfectly with THINX’s surrealist branding,” says Visibility co-founder Joseph Guerra. “It was a natural starting point and it led us down a path that provided a lot of conceptual room to explore.”

Visibility’s primary color palette. Photography courtesy of THINX. 

Warm wood floors and vibrantly pigmented design elements give the PMS Truck a contemporary minimalist edge, while irregular arches within the truck’s body channel the underwear’s curving lines. A long display table showcases THINX’s range of products, and a raised platform hidden behind a semi-transparent divider in the back allows customers to meet with THINX’s period specialists.

For a space dedicated to discussions about biology, the truck is anything but clinical.

The PMS Truck open and ready for business. Photography courtesy of THINX. 

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