April 10, 2019

This McLaren Trades Horsepower for Brick Power

Courtesy of McLaren Automotive.

This is no ordinary LEGO set. It took model-makers nearly 5,000 hours and half a million bricks to assemble this full-scale LEGO version of the McLaren Senna supercar. It’s the latest and most elaborate collaboration between the Danish toy maker and McLaren Automotive group. In the time it took to piece together the model, nine real McLaren Sennas could have been hand-assembled. 

Courtesy of McLaren Automotive.

The completed model weighs 3,348 pounds—hefty considering that the actual lightweight Senna weighs around 1,000 pounds less than its plastic replica. It’s also the first LEGO McLaren to incorporate parts from a real car. The interior is outfitted with the same lightweight carbon-fiber seats, steering wheel, and pedals from the real Senna, and the wheel rims and Pirelli tires are exactly to spec. The shared parts add authenticity to the driver-focused cabin, which was designed for the company’s most track-focused road-legal McLaren.

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Courtesy of McLaren Automotive.

The replica even features a start button that roars to life and simulates the sounds of the real Senna’s engine, which is capable of reaching 208mph. Car enthusiasts can see it first-hand at one of several events, including England’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in July. If a smaller model is more your thing, the Senna is available as one of the LEGO Speed Champions sets—and that one has only 219 pieces.

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