September 5, 2017

This Unique Metal Solution Is Super Versatile

Perforated metal is a versatile material that combines functionality, strength, and mesmerizing visual effects. The material boasts near limitless applications for both interiors and exteriors, ranging from partitions and feature walls to columns, ceilings, and facades. The material’s innate reflectivity make patterns and colors come alive, lending decoration and motion to otherwise nondescript spaces. Perforated metal sheets also offer color consistency, diffuse light, air, and sound, and have a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Móz perforated metal sheets create an eye-catching partition that seamlessly divides spaces.

Oakland-based metal fabricator Móz Designs, who have been honing their craft since 1989, are industry leaders in perforated solutions. Their designers and artisans have perfected a handmade fabrication process to create patterns of various shapes and sizes. Choose among 12 elegant finishes that lend long-term durability and a glossy sheen to a space.

Learn how Móz Designs’s perforated metal can create mesmerizing effects inside your space.

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