July 24, 2014

Thomas O’Brien Partners With Century Furniture

Thomas O'Brien

Photography by Jason Penney.

If you think “vintage forms translated for modern living” when you think of designer Thomas O’Brien, it may be time to reconsider, or at least revisit. After 15 years with

Hickory Chair

, the founder of New York’s

Aero Studios

has partnered with

Century Furniture


“The market is growing and changing. It’s a new audience, and a new era of licensing and design,” says O’Brien.

The first collection of the new relationship will launch in April 2015, with more than 100 furniture pieces, all new designs for living room, dining room, and bedroom. Beds, says O’Brien, are a favorite to design. Expect special beds, and tables that fit a variety of rooms and needs.

Besides the wood and upholstery the Hickory, North Carolina-based firm is known for, O’Brien will have access to metal, stone, and leather. The designer’s core design aesthetic will not change. And Century’s famed custom finishings will be available.

“There’s a focus on modern and sleek materials and finishes, including quite a lot of metal,” says O’Brien.  “I’m interested in inventing pieces from various eras. Right now the designs are from a modern vintage perspective.”

O’Brien will design his new showroom too (on the fifth floor of Market Square).

“Century as a company feels like the new classic brand,” says O’Brien. “These people are so dedicated to relationships, to heritage, and to craftsmanship, but they are also very interested in what comes next.” As are we.

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